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Bonham Tx Insurance for Farmers – Allow Us to Save You Money!

Insurance for Farmers Bonham Tx

Are you in the market for improved coverage or rates on Business Insurance for Farmers in Bonham Tx or the surrounding areas?

If that is the case then allow the agents of Country Side Insurance to save you some money!

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Insurance for Farmers Bonham Tx – Claims Scenario Part 13

If you haven’t read our latest article, then here’s a quick recap of what you missed.

After Jerry suggested that they hire his old friend Ken to repair the barn because he would likely be able to do the work at a significant discount, Connie agreed to allow Ken to inspect the barn and give them a quote.

Jerry called Ken up and scheduled an appointment.

We left off with Ken’s conspicuous arrival in a mud-covered beater of a truck. Not a great first impression.

Jerry makes his way around to the driver’s side of the truck to greet Ken as he steps out of his vehicle.

Connie stays put and listens to them talk. Most of what they’re saying is muffled, but she can clearly hear Ken say that the mud all over his truck came from driving it off-road in a rainstorm, for fun.

Connie rolls her eyes. The sooner this visit is over, the better, she thinks.

When Jerry and Ken emerge from the other side of the truck, Connie is surprised to see that Ken looks nothing like what she expected.

Ken is tall, lean, clean cut, and well dressed.

“Ken, this is my wife, Connie,” says Jerry.

Ken shakes Connie’s hand gently and introduces himself.

“Hi. I’m Ken. Your husband and I go waay back,” he says with a big smile full of pearly white teeth.

“Shall we get started?” Ken asks, pulling out his clipboard.

As the three make their way over to the barn, Connie is starting to think she may have misjudged Ken.

Next time, Ken performs his inspection.

Bonham Tx Insurance for Farmers – Give Us a Call Today!

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You can reach us during our office hours by dialing 903-378-7300 or toll-free by dialing 888-505-7550.

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