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Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx

Country Side Insurance is dedicated to helping our customers find great rates and even better service when shopping for Farmers Insurance in Clarksville Texas.

We can provide coverage for your farm, livestock, equipment, buildings, and much more! (Car and homeowners’ insurance as well)

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Please note that we do not represent Farmers Insurance the company itself — We offer Insurance for Farmers in Clarksville Texas and throughout the state!

Let’s now revisit the continuing story of Connie and Jerry — farmers just like you.

Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Claims Scenario Part 18 Recap Two

In our previous article we learned what led up to Connie and Jerry converting their old barn sitting on their farm into a residence they moved into, and in fact, have lived for the last six months.

On a mild Tuesday morning at approximately 7:05 AM a loud noise interrupted Connie’s Yoga session she was trying to sneak in after putting her youngest, Amy Lynn — 6 months old, back to bed after feeding her.

She also felt a bit odd as if the house had swayed like perhaps an earthquake?  Connie had lived briefly in California when she was going to college so she definitely knew what small quakes felt like.

Turning on the news she discovered nothing, searching inline yielded the same results — no earthquakes reported.

Something was strange however, “Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”  she stated out loud as she looked at her kitchen, it looked like it was sloping downhill.

Taking a saltshaker, she placed it on its side and it immediately rolled across the countertop until it met the wall.  Connie rushes outside and it looks like her house is tilted to the right.

She runs back inside the home and calls Jerry’s cell phone and it goes straight to voicemail and then she remembers he’s running one of the Combines.  Connie hurries behind their home where the storage building is located to retrieve an ATV, one of 3 stored in addition to other farm equipment.

Connie hops onto the blue ATV and fires it up, placing it into reverse and heads out to the field where she believes Jerry is working.

Around 15 minutes later she finds Jerry running their Combine and gets his attention by flashing the headlights repeatedly on the ATV.  Jerry shuts the Combine down, hops out dropping to the ground and Connie quickly explains what happened.

Jerry and Connie head back to the house and Jerry also observes the tilt of their home as he nears their new home.

Jerry is very concerned it could be a sink hole so he carefully inspects all around the foundation and he can’t seem to find anything so he calls the local Farmers Association he is part of to see if anyone else has any ideas on what to do next.

We will learn what happens in our next article.

Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Great Rates & Service.

Call the agents of Country Side Insurance when you need quotes or information on Texas Farmers Insurance, we have specialized in offering insurance for Farmers for many years so why not give us a call?

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