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Farm Insurance Pattonville Texas

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Pattonville Texas Farm Insurance — Claims Scenario Part 19.

Connie and Jerry have discovered something seriously wrong with their newly converted home, a barn that was transformed into a new home for Connie and Jerry —only 6 months after the construction process was finished.

At first Connie thought it was an earthquake and after tracking Jerry down in one of the fields that he was harvesting.  Jerry inspected the property and he has some other ideas about what it could be.

Jerry is very afraid it could be a sink hole. Sinkholes are not common but they do happen. Jerry recalls how a sinkhole opened up right in the middle of the street in Beaumont back in 2015 and he’s heard some rumors about sinkholes in other parts of Texas.

Jerry does the next best thing he can think of — he calls the local Farmers Association he is part of.  Jerry didn’t expect to reach anybody live since it’s harvest time, so he leaves a message on the answering machine.

Luckily Fred Sampson, the association president who had recently sold his farm and retire was getting ready to turn everything over to John Smith, the secretary.

Fred stops into the Association office to pick up a few things and he listens to Jerry’s panicked call on the answering machine. Fred scratches his head to think if he can recall any other farmers experiencing sinkholes on their property and then picks up the phone and returns Jerry’s call.

“Say Jerry, this is Fred over at the Association, I listened to your call and I had not heard of any problems with sinkholes in the county other than that one incident back a few years ago, what I would suggest is that you call one of them foundation companies over there in Paris and have them come out and take a look.”

Fred continues, “I’m sorry to hear about that problem you’re having, you Connie and the kids doing well otherwise?”

Fred and Jerry make small talk for a few minutes about their individual families and Fred thinks it’s probably best to let Jerry know he sold his property to retire.

“Jerry, I want to wish the best of luck to you with that sinkhole or whatever problem you’re having, those boys over in Paris will figure out what happened and get you squared away.”

Fred changes the subject, “say Jerry you probably heard I sold my land and I’m headed to the Panhandle in Florida where my daughter and her family now live?”

“Fred, I have to say that comes as a bit of a shock to me — you selling the farm…that farm has been in your families name longer than ours!”

Fred doesn’t reply immediately not knowing how to take Jerry’s statement, and Jerry continues after a moment to avoid uncomfortable silence on the phone. “Well Fred you have to do what you think is best for your family, Connie and I wish you all the best.

“We’re going to miss you in town and at our meetings. Thanks for that tip on the foundation company I was thinking I probably should call one of those guys over in Paris company, but I wanted to check to see if you’d heard anything about sinkholes in the area.”

Jerry and Fred conclude their conversation and once again wish each other the best.

We will learn what happens in our next post.

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