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Farm Insurance Fannin County Tx – Coverage Scenario Part 1

Farm Insurance Fannin County Texas

Jon runs a large sorghum farm and his operation has been expanding. In order to keep up with the demand he needs to purchase a new combine harvester.

After shopping around a bit he decides on a model that costs $375,000. Naturally, Jon insures the new combine for the amount he paid for it, $375,000.

As the years go by Jon gets a lot of hard use out of his combine. He is a busy man, so although he has intended for a while now to revisit his finances – including his insurance plans – he often finds it difficult to set aside the time to do so.  

About six years after purchasing the combine, while Jon is away, one of his employees is driving the combine down a stretch of road. This is a normal routine for his combine operators as it is the only easy way to access one of Jon’s sorghum fields.

While making this short trek down the road a semi truck loses control and careens directly into the combine harvester, causing damage.

Miraculously, both drivers leave the crash site with only minor injuries. The semi and the combine are not so lucky, however.

The combine is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. Jon files an insurance claim with his insurance company and awaits their decision.

Will Jon be reimbursed for the damage to his combine? And if he is, will it be the amount he’s expecting?

Find out in our next post.

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