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Cooper Tx Farm Insurance

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Farm and Home Insurance in Cooper Texas – Important Info About Farm Buildings

If you have farm buildings such as shops, sheds, and barns on your farm then you likely need to purchase insurance coverage for them. But how much coverage should you buy?

That is a good question and the answer is not always intuitive.

Many people assume that the amount of insurance they need to cover a given building should equal the cost of the building.

So, if a barn cost $20,000 to construct they would purchase $20,000 of coverage. While that’s a reasonable conclusion to draw, it isn’t going to serve you well.


Because the amount you spent to construct the building does not necessarily reflect its replacement cost.

For example, let’s say you build a barn with the help of your brother in-law. Over the course of a few months you spend weekends together building a barn. You also use salvaged wood to keep costs down.

All in all, you spend about $13,000 on this barn, so you insure it for $13,000. Three years later, the barn burns to the ground. You hope to use the insurance money to pay a contractor to rebuild the barn because you no longer have the time or desire to do it yourself.

Unfortunately, $13,000 is not enough to have the barn rebuilt. The market price for a barn of that size to be rebuilt from scratch by a professional is closer to $30,000!

By only insuring the building for its initial cost, you have essentially agreed to assume the cost of the labor if it were destroyed.

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