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Barn Insurance Sherman Tx

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Barn Insurance Sherman Tx – Claims Scenario Part 8

In the last episode of our claims scenario, a claims adjuster by the name of Willy Wobblebottom drove out to Connie and Jerry’s farm to assess the property damage.

Willy Wobblebottom asked Connie and Jerry some questions about the barn and dutifully performed his inspection of the damage.

The insurance company will use Willy’s assessment to decide whether or not Connie and Jerry’s claim should be paid out.

Several days later, Connie receive some bad news, though it was not unexpected.

The insurance company’s decision, based on Willy’s report, was to deny the claim, just as the couple’s insurance agent, Mary, had predicted.

The water damage to their barn’s foundation was outside the scope of their farm building policy and therefore would not be covered by their insurance.

Dejected, Connie breaks the news to Jerry.

Over the course of the next few days, Connie and Jerry have a series of long talks about their plans, the future, and what the best move would be.

Eventually, they both come to agree that the home they’ve envisioned for themselves and their family is worth these unforeseen up-front costs.

“I just wish there was a way we could save some money on these repairs, to soften the financial blow a bit,” Connie says after they made their decision.

“You know, we might just be able to do that…” answers Jerry.

What does Jerry plan to do?

Find out in our next article.

Sherman Tx Barn Insurance – Don’t Overpay for Coverage!

Are you overpaying for your Sherman Tx Farm Insurance? You won’t know until you’ve spoken with an agent who can compare your current rates and coverage.

What have you got to lose? There is absolutely no risk nor obligation to request a quote today.

What you should be asking, instead, is “What do I have to gain?”

The answer to that is BIG potential savings and/or improved insurance with fewer coverage gaps.

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