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Royce City Tx Barn Insurance

Do you have Barn Insurance in Royce City Texas or the outlying areas? Are you interested in possibly lowering your overall Texas Farm Insurance Rates?

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Barn Insurance Royce City Tx – Claims Scenario Part 7

In Part 6 of our claims scenario, available by clicking on Royce City Tx Barn Insurance, Uncle Frank finished his inspection and gave Connie and Jerry a recommendation.

He told them to give their insurance agent a call and ask her if the water damage to their barn is covered by their insurance policy.

If they want to remodel the barn then the damage to the walls and foundation will have to be fixed, so naturally it would be ideal if the costs of doing so would be covered by their insurance policy.

The couple heeds Uncle Frank’s advice and calls their agent, Mary.

Connie explains the situation to Mary, including her intention to turn the barn into a new home for the family. She tells Mary about how Jerry fell through the rotted wall and how Uncle Frank’s inspection found evidence of substantial damage to the concrete slab foundation.

“So, here’s our question,” Connie says at last. “Is this sort of thing covered by our farm insurance policy?”

Mary thinks about all the information Connie just relayed to her. After a moment, she answers.

“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you, Connie. Based on what you explained to me, I don’t think this will be covered by your farm policy. That being said, though, I don’t make the final decisions on claims.

“We will need to get the final say-so from a claims adjuster. Let’s go ahead and file a claim, okay?” Mary replies.

We will learn what the results of the claims adjuster’s inspection are in part 8.

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