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Insurance for Farmers Clarksville Tx

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Insurance for Farmers Clarksville Tx – Claims Scenario Part 15

In part 14 of our multi-part claims scenario, Jerry’s friend and part-time home builder Ken performed an inspection of Connie and Jerry’s barn.

To refresh your memory, Connie and Jerry want to convert their old barn into a new home for them and their family. They were blind-sided by the discovery of terrible water damage to the barn that resulted from damaged water pipes, and had no choice but to pay to have the damage repaired.

Jerry proposed they hire his old friend Ken for the job. Connie was initially skeptical but warmed to Ken after meeting him.

After his inspection, Ken sounds bullish about being able to complete all the work while remaining under Connie and Jerry’s budget. He provides them with a quote for each aspect of the work and a time estimate, both of which are lower than the couple expected. Hiring Ken seems like a slam dunk.

A couple weeks later, Ken gets to work. In addition to the two young employees Ken brings along to perform the job, he welcomes Jerry onto the construction site.

Jerry’s involvement was part of the deal all along, as it would cut down on labor costs and also allow him to have some detailed input on the project. Connie was never thrilled about the idea of Jerry bringing his amateur handyman skills to the job, but she can see how excited Jerry is, and she has to admit the savings are substantial.

Next time, Ken, Jerry, and the workers finish the work. Will it be to Connie and Jerry’s liking? Find out in part 16 of our continuing claims scenario.

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