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Farm and Home Insurance in Paris Texas – Would This Be Covered? Part 6 

In part 5, we learned that in order to prove that Farmer Shuck is culpable for Wadsworth Jr’s car accident, it has to be proven that the farmer knowingly allowed Bessie the cow to roam freely. 

Here are  some examples of guidelines for the kind of evidence needed to prove such a thing: 

  • Evidence of open gates, broken fencing, or a disregard for keeping a closed range;
  • Evidence of previous livestock escapes and any actions Farmer Shuck took to improve the situation;
  • Low quality fencing that is not fit for normal livestock purposes.

So, what kinds of evidence did the plaintiffs find? 

First, a basic inspection of Farmer Shuck’s property found that the fence is reasonably sound, that there were no other weak points of note, and that there was no reason to assume that the fallen post that allowed Bessie the cow to escape was anything other than an anomaly. 

Second, Farmer Shuck was able to produce receipts for purchases he made a few years ago of materials to repair a damaged section of his fence after a farmhand backed into it with a tractor. 

How will the court interpret this information? Will Farmer Shuck be found responsible for Jonathan Wadsworth Jr’s totaled Maserati? 

Find out in our next post next month! 

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