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Barn Insurance Denison Tx – Claims Scenario Part 11

In our last article, Connie and Jerry sought out an estimate for the repairs needed to continue with converting their barn into their dream home.

To refresh your memory about the events leading up to this point, recall that Connie and Jerry currently live in a house on a farm that their family has outgrown. Furthermore, the house is not in great condition, and it is located relatively far from where the bulk of Connie’s work on the farm is done.

Rather than build from scratch, Connie and Jerry were inspired to convert their large, mostly-unused barn into a new home. Their plans were interrupted, however, by the discovery of a damaged foundation due to a severe water leak.

Their insurance does not cover the expensive repairs to the barn, but they decided to move forward with their plans, anyway.

Jerry tells Connie about an old friend of his named Ken who used to build homes.

“I learned everything I know about construction and handiwork from Ken,” Jerry tells her.

Connie doesn’t say it out loud, but that statement doesn’t reassure her. She loves her husband, but she has never found Jerry’s craftsmanship to be his strongest suit.

Nevertheless, Jerry is convinced that Ken will be able to do the repairs they need with a much lower overhead than the local contractor quoted. Additionally, Jerry is certain that Ken will give him a good deal since they used to work together.

“Plus, I can help with some of the work, to keep the labor costs down,” says Jerry, excitedly.

Connie is not as enthusiastic as Jerry, but she decides to at least meet with Ken and see what his quoted price will be.

Next time, Ken arrives to take a look at the situation.

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